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10 Useless SEO Worries

People trying to optimize their web sites for better rankings tend to thrive on extremes. They create lists of things that absolutely must be done and lists of things that absolutely must not be done. But far too often, within either of those lists are things that simply don’t matter at all. So with that preamble, here are ten things that you simply don’t need to spend more than a half a second fretting over:

10) Focusing on number one rankings
9) Obsessing over PageRank
8 ) Worrying about who is linking to you
7) Worrying about what anybody else says
6) Obsessing over Microsoft/Yahoo/Ask rankings
5) Worrying about shifting rankings or temporary losses
4) Outperforming Wikipedia
3) Fretting about DMOZ (Open Directory) listings
2) Fussing over Alexa or rankings
1) Obsessing over your meta keywords

If any of these are thing that concern you, read the full articles at There are two articles — Part 1 deals with items 10 through 6 and Part 2 deals with items 5 through 1.

The Number 1 Thing You Should Worry About


The author of these articles says it well:

SEO isn’t about PageRank, links, or who says what is or isn’t important (and yes, I get the irony of what I just wrote). Heck, it’s not even about rankings. Pure and simple, it’s about getting conversions, whatever that is for you. Everything else in SEO is just a means to that end.

Here is the thing that you need to ask yourself before worrying about any one thing or another… Does this affect my ability to get conversions?

I’m not talking traffic here, I’m talking conversions. People actually buying your product or service, signing up for information, filling out a contact form, or emailing or calling you on the phone. Focusing on the conversions is where the money’s at. In fact, the better your conversion rate, the less traffic you have to rely on. And relying on less is always a good thing in an online world when things can change overnight.

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