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4 Great Reasons to use Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsSite Pro News has a nice article about Google Analytics. If you’re unhappy with the site log analysis reporting offered by your web host – or if they don’t offer any at all – then you should consider Google Analytics. It’s free, but you do need to insert some code into all of your web pages for it to work. It’s worth the effort.

4 Reasons to Use Google Analytics

1. The Map Overlay

Essentially, this feature brings up a map of the world, highlighting the countries your visitors come from. Clicking on a country produces a close-up view, along with a geographical breakdown according to the region and/or city from which visitors accessed the site. This tool is particularly helpful if your site focuses on a specific region.

2. The Site Overlay

This allows you to navigate your site and see exactly how visitors travel through it.

3. Goals and Funnels

This allows you to set up specific goals for your site, like tracking a visitor to the “Thank you for your inquiry” page. It also lets you set up specific monetary values for each goal, and track your site’s financial performance and profitability.

4. Graphical Representations

You can choose among views on many of its reports, allowing you to work with the view you’re most comfortable with. Some of us prefer line graphs, some pie charts, and others tables. You can set it up to work they way you think.

Much more in the Site Pro News article.

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