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4 TrustRank Factors That Sabotage Your Rankings

Does your site or blog have a decent TrustRank?

Jill Whalen of SEO firm High Rankings has written an excellent piece about four TrustRank issues that send negative signals to all the major search engines.


TrustRank is a ranking factor at all the major search engines, although at Google it’s more a cluster of different specific ranking factors than a single measure. You can think of it as a measure of your web site’s web-spammy-ness, or rather the lack thereof. Google’s Panda algorithm update a couple of years ago was focused heavily on TrustRank issues.

Here’s a quick list of the four dangerous TrustRank signals Jill explains:

  • Expertness  — Does your website demonstrate your knowledge of what each page is about? Or is your content rather shallow? Does it provide any real, useful information, or just ask people to hire you or buy your product?
  • Comprehensiveness  — Are your web pages and blog posts too short or insubstantial to be of real value to a visitor? Can people tell who wrote your blog posts?
  • Keyword Redundancy  — Do you have multiple pages talking about essentially the same thing but in different ways to focus on different keywords? That may no longer be necessary, at least for Google.
  • Proofreading  — This goes to the user experience on a website: typos, poor grammar, formatting errors like hard line breaks in the middle of a sentence, even nonsensical copy resulting from an attempt to work in awkward keyword phrases.

Jill explains these factors in more depth than I do here, and offers some advice on how to uncover them and fix them. I recommend her article if you have even the slightest concern that your website may be sending bad TrustRank signals.

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