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5 Reasons To Redesign With CSS

CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheets” and is a web design technique that minimizes the amount of underlying HTML code on your web page. Your webmaster understands what it is and if you’re not a webmaster, it probably isn’t important that you understand much about it, except to know whether your web site uses it effectively.

From a search engine viewpoint, when you have a high code-to-content ratio, your keyword density (the relative frequency of the  targeted keywords on your page) is diluted by HTML instructions for how tables, fonts, styles and colors should be displayed. With CSS, there are no tables, and most formatting information is contained in one separate style sheet. As a result, search engines see more keywords and less code, and that helps your rankings.

Linda Bustos, Marketing Director for Image X Media, a Vancouver web design and Internet marketing firm, has written an article for Site Pro News on reasons you should consider redesigning your web site (or having it done) to make better use of CSS techniques.

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