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Anxious Over Online Privacy?

Most Americans are concerned about what’s being done with their personal information online, according to a new poll from Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports on privacy online“Many consumers have misconceptions about the information available about them and how commonly it is sold by companies without their knowledge,” said Joel Kelsey, policy analyst withConsumers Union. “Our poll makes clear that consumers want more control over the treasure trove of information companies are collecting about their activities online.”

The Consumer Reports poll found that 82% of Internet users are concerned about their credit card numbers being stolen online, and 72% are worried that their online activity is being tracked and profiled by companies. More than 2/3 of Americans have provided personal information to gain access to a Web site, but 53% said they weren’t comfortable with companies using their email content or browsing history to send them ads, and 54% are uncomfortable with third parties collecting information about their online behavior.

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