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Are Made for AdSense Sites Ruining Search Results?

It’s happened to you. You’ve searched for something on Google and several promising results appear. You click on a link, but when you get to the site all you see are a few ads and nothing even remotely close to what you searched for. So you go back to the search results and try again, only it happens again and again until you finally find a page with some decent content … or frustration sets in and you give up all together.

Why does this happen? How come in this day and age Google can’t give you the results you’re looking for? A large part of the answer is the growing number of Made For AdSense (MFA) sites on the web today. MFA sites are designed for the sole purpose of getting you to click on a Google AdSense advertisement.

When seeking link partners for our clients, we find a very large percentage of sites with links to some of our clients’ competitors are MFA sites. Those links aren’t helping our clients’ competitors, but certainly add noise to our link-finding efforts because we don’t want to solicit links from them. They’re presenting an increasingly frustrating component to link building.

For a better understanding of the impact of MFA sites and the likelihood of Google and others dealing with them, read Adam MacFarland’s article from Site Pro News.

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