Search engine optimization for small and very small businesses. Gets a Good Review

The search engine Ask Jeeves has been reinvented, and has lost poor old Jeeves in the process. Recently, Walt Mossberg, technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal, wrote:

“ is starting from a low ranking. According to a recent study, Ask has only about 6% of the search market, compared with 41% for Google and 29% for Yahoo. Yet, is improving fast, and is capable of playing above its ranking. …

Ask’s search-results pages are richer and better organized than typical Google results, and they give greater priority to content over ads. …

Google usually did a good job, but Ask usually did just as well, and its added features made the results more valuable. In a search for a particular digital camera, Ask’s page was topped by a picture of the camera, with links to reviews and price comparisons. Google’s page was topped by ads, followed by links to specific shopping sites. …”

You can read the entire article here.

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