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Backlink Anchor Text

Back link anchor textBacklinks  links to your web site from other web sites — are an important factor in search engine rankings, and especially so in Google. The quality of those backlinks is very important  whether  they come from reputable web sites,  whether the page the come from is relevant to your site, how many links are on the same page as yours, and what the anchor text says. Anchor text is the clickable text in the link – often blue and underlined.

Anchor text may be helpful to your rankings or not. Anchor text that says is not very helpful. But even that is better than Click Here. The best anchor text contains keywords for the page it links to. For example: Residential Elevators in NJ.

There’s a handy (free) tool to check and see what the anchor text says in links to your site called Backlink Checker have fun!

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