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Bill Hartzer’s Search Engine Tip #1 – The Title Tag

The Title Tag is an important place for your keywords for SeoBill Hartzer has an excellent blog on search engine optimization (SEO, and he’s started a series of search engine tips that I think you’ll find very valuable.

His first tip deals with the single most powerful place for your keywords to appear: the Page Title. The Page Title isn’t what most people expect … and it doesn’t even “appear” on your web page. It displays in the title bar of your browser (up near your browser logo at the very top left corner of your browser window … in the blue title bar). It’s also used by all search engines as the heading for your listing when you show up in the search results.

The title tag is in the <HEAD> section of the HTML code for your web page. A very common mistake we see on web sites happens when web designers fail to pay attention to the title tag. We see pages that have a title of “Home Page” or “New Page 1”. A little less extreme are web sites where every page displays only the company name in the title tag. Bill provides an easy way for you to check all of your title tags and make sure they say what you want them to say. I recommend his article. Check it out.

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