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Bill Hartzer’s Search Engine Tip #2 – The Meta Description Tag

Bill Hartzer has an excellent blog on search engine optimization (SEO), and he’s started a series of search engine tips that I think you’ll find very valuable. Last month I wrote about his first tip, relating to the Page Title.

This month the focus is on the Meta Description tag, part of the HTML code for a web page that describes what the page is about. It’s important, not as much because it makes a big difference in your rankings, although it does help a little. What’s more important is that it may show up in the search engine results for your page. Here’s an example of the listing for one of our clients, found when someone searches in Google for NJ probate litigation lawyers:

An example of the meta description tag showing up in Google results

The two lines beneath the headline and above the green URL are the beginning of the meta description tag for this page.

It’s important to make your meta description tag a meaningful description of what’s on your page, and to make it read easily and make sense. It’s a mistake to cram a bunch of keywords into it, because when people scan search engine results, their eye will be caught by meaningful sentences , and they’ll be more likely to click on such a listing. I recommend Bill’s article on the meta description tag. Check it out.

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