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Bing on Web Spam

The Black hat SEO techniques product short term results.official Bing blog recently had a post about web spam. According to Bing’s definition, web spam is “unwanted web content that uses overtly manipulative techniques in an effort to fraudulently attain undeservingly high ranking in search engines.” These are also considered Black Hat SEO tactics.

If you use spammy, Black Hat SEO methods, you might get high rankings on search engines quickly. Unfortunately, searchengines usually detect all spamming methods sooner or later and they will completely remove your website from the search results as soon as they find out that you use these methods. Here are a couple of graphical depictions from Axandra:

White hat SEO techniques produce lasting results.

If you use ethical White Hat SEO methods, it will take longer until you get high search engine rankings. However, your rankings will grow steadily and you’ll get a much better performance in the long run:

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