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Conversions – Write Copy That Sells

SEO Copywriting has to sell to search engines as well as your target market -- actual customers.First impressions count. And your web site need to make two good first impressions, as we pointed out last month. First, you need to impress the search engines and convince them to rank you near the top for your chosen keyword phrases. But getting people to your site does you no good unless your copy can convert them into paying customers. So the second good first impression you need to make is on the human visitor to your web page. You only have a few seconds to convince your visitor that he or she is on the right page for what they’re looking for. Then you need to convince them that you’re a company they want to do business with.

These aren’t really conflicting goals, but you won’t achieve them both by accident. You need to carefully write copy that addresses both. Rebecca Appleton, Operating Director at UK SEO agency Top Position has written a nice piece for a recent issue of Search Marketing Standard. <I recommend it to you.>

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