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Dealing With Disgruntled Web Sites

Disgruntled web siitesNow that everyone uses the Web, people are learning to use it to their advantage to disparage those they’re got a grudge against. On the TV sitcom Two and a Half Men, they talk about a web site put up by Charlie Harper’s jilted girlfriends, at

Not every such web site is quite so personal, but they can be pretty inflammatory. There’s about Bill O’Reilly… about Capital One … about, well, Panasonic … … you get the idea.
Quite obviously, Panasonic would be distressed if a Google search on “Panasonic” brought up as one of the first listings. Now there’s a company that deals with just that problem.
Reputation Defender employs marketing and SEO skills to create bunches of web sites that are relatively flattering about the maligned company or product, and works to get them high rankings in the search engines. The goal is to displace the objectionable web sites so they’re further down the list.

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