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Did Some of Your Rankings Disappear?

Some Keyword Rankings Gone?

Search engine rankings may drop precipitously on occasion

Every once in awhile you may notice that some keywords suddenly seem to drop out of rankings and then pop right back a month later. We see that on occasion. What’s that all about?

Well, perhaps we  should explain a bit about ranking reporting.

  1. If you check a keyword’s ranking from computers at two different physical locations, you’re likely to get slightly different results due to your results coming from different data centers. Google has dozens of data centers around the country, and they’re not all precisely synchronized. So this is one reason you might get different rankings.
  2. Search engine tweak their ranking algorithms frequently. They often try a change, evaluate it for a few days, and then undo it if it didn’t work as hoped. This is a common cause of rankings that seem to disappear and then reappear.
  3. Search engines are beginning to personalize results. If Google figures out that you’re a wine connoisseur or you own a restaurant, when you search for glasses they may send you more results about glassware than about eyeglasses.

All of these create variable results that are not always replicable from one query to the next, or even from one browser to the next.

Rankings that disappear are no cause for panic unless they’re still missing for two-three months. If that happens, ask us to investigate the problem for you.


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