Search engine optimization for small and very small businesses.

Discounted Software Training for Rank Magic Clients Only

To Rank Magic Clients —

Thanks for having us provide you with Search Engine Optimization services. Now that you’ve taken care of your website ranking needs with a trusted SEO professional, it’s time to look at your software needs. Are you getting the most out of Office 2010? Or perhaps you’re about to upgrade from an earlier version? Has Rank Magic suggested you add a blog to your website? Does your small business need to share files within your team? Are your company documents polished and professional? Do you need help creating a PowerPoint presentation? Does your team need to share your calendar? Would you like help setting up a customer relationship management system without it being a chore?

If any of this rings true, or if this list helped you identify even more needs, turn these tasks over to a trusted Software Coaching firm. From Outlook and Excel to DropBox and Constant Contact, Home & Office Computer Training has been taking great care of my clients for years. Now they’ve created a spin-off company that focuses on the specific needs of the small business owner, called Right Click Advantage.

Right Click AdvantageTheir software coaches are friendly and personable as well as skilled, patient, and up to speed on the latest Windows, Mac and Android tech tools for your business.

Because of your relationship with Rank Magic, you’ve now earned a distinct advantage – the Lucky 7 Advantage. Give Right Click Advantage a call and not only will you receive a free phone consult, but when you do meet with them in their comfortable coaching center, clients of Rank Magic enjoy a 7% Discount. All you need to do is mention that you’re a client of ours, or if you’re filling out a registration form, you can enter the Code TRELOAR. You’ll automatically receive a reduced rate for all of your business software coaching needs.

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