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Domain Registration Affects Rankings?

Google’s recent patent filing is revealing a lot about the factors Google may use now or in the future to rank web pages. Here’s another little item that you can use to your advantage.

According to Google, good and valuable domains are often paid for several years in advance, while doorway or throwaway domains are very temporary and are seldom used for more than a year. (Doorway and throwaway domains are seen as unethical attempts to manipulate rankings and are frowned on by all search engines.) When ranking pages, Google considers the following domain-level factors:

  • the length of the domain registration (one year versus several years)
  • the address of the web site owner, the admin and the technical contact
  • the stability of data and host company
  • the number of pages on a web site (web sites must have more than one page)
  • Google claims that they have a list of known bad contact information, name servers and IP addresses that helps them to find out whether a spammer is running a domain

Here are two concrete tips on how you can use this information to your advantage:

Two Domain Tips

1) Register your domain name several years in advance to show Google that you’re serious about your site and are in for the long haul.

2) Make sure that your web site is hosted by a reputable hosting company. If your web site is hosted by a company that hosts a number of questionable sites, that might make it hard to get good rankings for your site.

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