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Don’t Ignore Yahoo!

Optimize for Yahoo!, tooGoogle’s influence on the web is so powerful that we tend to forget that there are other search engines. The forefather of modern search, Yahoo! still serves around 20% of all internet search queries. This pales in comparison to Google’s close to 70% majority but is spread over a different demographic making it an intriguing prospect for certain types of web properties.

Search Marketing Standard explains that often Yahoo! is more attractive to women, and some research shows that Yahoo! searches sometimes convert to sales better than Google searches. So don’t ignore Yahoo! in your monitoring of results and in your SEO. Read the article at Search Marketing Standard for some tips on how optimizing for Yahoo! may be different from optimizing for Google, especially with respect to meta tags (it pays more attention to these than Google), page structure, alt tags and heading tags, and external links (only closely related links really count for much).

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