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How Expensive is SEO?

Expensive? A Common Question and a Reasonable Concern.

SEO-best-practices-words1Since Rank Magic’s main market is “small and very small businesses”, expense control is always an issue. We hear often that business owners fear that SEO will be too expensive. We are very price-conscious here, and will be reluctantly raising some of our rates next year; our hourly rate has been the same since 2008. Nevertheless we remain highly competitive price-wise, and much more than competitive value-wise.

What do most SEO companies charge?

That question was asked on the LinkedIn SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing group, and here are some typical answers:

  • Around $700 per month for ongoing SEO, $350 per month for basic SMM.
    Karen Godfrey, Melbourne, Australia
  • In India generally around 50,000 – 80,000 for (SMM) close to $1000 and SEO ($400) per month [in US dollars] Raveesh Shrivastava, India
  • Depends on what client wants to achieve and the timeline in delivering it. For a small to medium campaign, $500 – $850 per month budget could drive a better ROI from the campaigns.
    Humar Priyam, India
  •  I have seen smaller agencies begin their pricing around $400-$500 in the U.S.
    Todd Bacile. New Orleans, LA
  • Hyper-Localized Management: $250-$750dollar-sign
    • This is based on a small business operating in a specific geographic region
      Example: Family-owned store in a local town that sells natural foods
      Anthony Capetola, Hicksville, NY 
  • Larger Brands w/ National Reach: $2000-$10,000 +
    • High competition range, National or Semi-National Reach
      Example: A new mortgage firm that operates along the eastern seaboard of the United States
      Anthony Capetola, Hicksville, NY 

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