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Are Your Facebook Posts Getting Fewer Views?

It sure seems like Facebook posts are getting seen by fewer people.

Bad FacebookWe’ve had reports from clients that as soon as they paid to promote a post on Facebook, all the rest of their posts achieved fewer views than before. By a lot – a drop of more than 50% in the number of people who saw them.

The problem seems even more pervasive than that. Facebook has to filter what you see because there’s so much content there you can never keep up. But the way they’re filtering really restricts what you see.

Facebook Ads: A Bad Idea?

Derek Muller of Vertitasium has produced two effective videos explaining why it’s a bad idea to advertise on Facebook.

Here’s the first one

And here’s their followup.

What’s been your experience with Facebook paid promotion? Positive? Negative? Please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I’ve tried doing promoted posts a few times at the suggestion of an SEO advisor, but all of my campaigns have been total busts. FB will report that 10,000 people have seen my post, but only 7-10 people will ever click through. And of those 7-10 people, no one ever buys what I’m selling. 10,000 views for $15 seems enticing, but if no one engages and no one buys, then it’s a total waste. I haven’t even seen traffic go up from all of these views. And yes, my subsequent posts get almost no views, which must be their way of trying to entice me to pay for more views – which I think I won’t do ever again.

  2. I agree with you – Facebook trying to throttle posts in order to make money is really lame – hopefully it will be the beginning of their downfall. I’ve tried paid posts, and they seem to be worthless. 10,000 “views,” but only 5 people click on the image? That’s not worth much of anything to me.

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