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Flash Sites: Can They Get Ranked?

How can a web site that’s all done in Flash be optimized so the search engines will rank it?

That’s been a tough one up until now. Generally, the search engines read text. And flash pages are like large pictures that include text. That text is in the picture, though, and the search engines can’t tell if there’s informative text there or a movie of your pet cat. Normally we recommend creating an HTML version of the web site for those without Flash as well as for the search engines.

Now, there’s a pretty cool workaround for optimizing Flash sites from Jonathan Hochman on his web site. It’s technical, so unless you’re a web designer experienced in HTML, it might be a little dense for you. (Actually, to be fair it’ll probably be incomprehensible to you.) But if you’re a skilled webmaster, it provides a technique that should prove to be very valuable.

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