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Follow Through On Leads Is Essential

All the search engine optimization in the world won’t help your business if you don’t follow through. Traffic is the end product of SEO. Converting that traffic to sales is the responsibility of your web site … and YOU. Read these sad excerpts from the newsletter of Softcast Marketing, a terrific paid search consultant I know:

We lost a client recently because our client told us they had not closed a single deal as a result of the work we did for them. They were a large networking company and if they had even closed a single client, it would have more than made up for the modest cost of their campaign. We monitored their account and we knew they were getting leads. We asked about their follow up. Their response was shocking. If leads came in via the telephone and a rep happened to be around (which was seldom) the lead would be answered. If not, it was written down and put into a drawer. Leads that came in from forms or emails were sent to a data file but they had not assigned lead follow up duties to any specific employee. As a result most leads were followed up days later or not at all!

If you get a lead the strategy should be to stop the prospect from searching. If you don’t follow up quickly, the prospect will find somebody else and your hard work and advertising budget will have been wasted.

You’ll find their full newsletter here.

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