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Google +1 Debuts

Google Plkus One buttonGoogle introduced its new +1 button today, as part of its foray into social media in response to major email inroads from Facebook like buttonFacebook. It allows people to click on it to register a vote in favor of a web page or blog post, much the way they can now click a Facebook “like” button.

Google has stated that they will use +1 activity as another one of the many factors they use to rank websites; the more +1 votes you get, the better.

CNet previewed the new button about a month ago, with a prospective overview, and even the Wall Street Journal expressed early interest.

Webmasters are right now scrambling to figure out how to place and use the new +1 button. We hope to have it live on our site and blog soon. When you see it, please click on it so we can evaluate just what it does to rankings and visibility in general.

  1. The big Google can’t be left behind. They have to copy every well adopted solution. I’m curious if people like the Google “like” button more than the Facebook one;) Wait to see its use on your website…

  2. “Never be too proud to steal a good idea.” … I’ll be interested in seeing how the +1 button is received.

  3. should be interesting to see this ‘Tech Superbowl’ of Google+ vs. Facebook played out on the field. Remember how quickly Facebook overtook My Space at the 5 yard line? This should be a fun one to watch.

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