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Can Your Competitors Sabotage Your Search Engine Rankings?

Up until now, its always been thought that there was nothing a competitor could do to damage your rankings in the search engines, other than by making their site better and more relevant than yours. But it looks like the latest Google algorithm change has introduced a loophole that could allow an unscrupulous competitor to force your web site out of the Google listings altogether. Yikes!

Michael Pedone writes about this in He explains the loophole and offers some advice on what Google needs to do to correct the problem. He writes:

A small loophole has turned into a devastating black hole, sucking in and wiping out countless quality websites in the process. And it just may be their competitors sending them into the abyss.

Is your head spinning yet? I mean, it was bad enough knowing that with every Google update, your business may go up or down in the rankings depending on the whims of the Google geeks. But now add into the mix the fact that your competitors also have a hand in your search engine health and wellness … well, Houston, we have a problem.

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