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Google Dominates the International Search Landscape

What is the most popular search engine in the UK? In Europe? In the world? According to representatives from major ratings and traffic analysis services, the answers to these questions are: Google, Google, and Google. Major points raised in the full item on Search Engine Watch:

  • Despite Google’s dominance, it is important to understand searcher behaviour doesn’t take place in isolation – around two-thirds of searchers visit at least two search brands.
  • In the UK, search engines are the largest category, traffic-wise, overtaking adult Web sites in October 2006.
  • Based on click through activity from August 1, 2006, to January 20, 2007, Google had a 71.6% share of the global search engine market, an 80.2% share of the UK search engine market, and a 78.4% share of the French search engine market.

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