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Google to Join S&P 500

Standard & Poor'sStandard & Poor’s said today that they will add Google Inc. to the S&P 500 index at the end of this month, sending the Internet high-flier’s shares soaring in after-hours trading. The move means mutual funds that track the widely watched S&P 500 index will have to add Google to their holdings. Google shares shot up by more than $30 at one point today.

Google Finance Debuts Today

After several years of directing investors elsewhere for stock, mutual fund, and other financial information they, Google has rolled out its own financial site. No longer will your Google search for AAPL or LUV send you to Yahoo! Finance by default, as Google wants some of that attention all for itself. Google terms the new site an “early stage Beta products”, so we can expect it to improve and sprout new features in the coming weeks and months.

Click Fraud Haunts Pay Per Click Advertisers

According to a story in Business Week, Internet ad-traffic scams could be ripping off as much as $1 billion annually. Questions are being asked whether search engines are doing enough to foil them. And a recent thread in the High Rankings Forum alleges that an alarming 53% of all clicks on PPC ads are fraudulent clicks by competitors trying to inflate the advertiser’s marketing costs.

New Patent Suggests Google Might Be Watching Your Mouse

A new patent application from Google suggests that Google may be monitoring user mouse movements in an attempt to determine what users will be looking for next.

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