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Feds Seek Google Records On Porn

The Bush administration, seeking to revive an online pornography law struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court, has subpoenaed Google for details on what its users have been looking for through its popular search engine. Privacy advocates are understandably concerned. Here’s one report.

In Google We Trust?

If Google is a religion, what is its God? It would have to be The Algorithm. Faith in the possibility of an omniscient and omnipotent algorithm appears to be what Messrs Page and Brin have in common. <more …>

November Search Engine Share

Google pulled away from Yahoo in search engine usage during November in a major way, according to comScore Networks Inc. Google nabbed almost 40 percent of all searches in the U.S., a commanding lead of more than 10 percentage points over Yahoo, which took second place. reports these figures:

  • Google 39.8%, up from 34.6%
  • Yahoo down to 29.5% from 32%
  • MSN dropped to 14.2% from 16%
  • All three add up to 83.5% of all searches

Google’s the 800 lb Gorilla. But For How Long?

America OnlineGoogle recently announced it would pay $1 billion for a 5% stake in America Online (AOL). The deal solidifies a partnership between two of the most popular websites, with the two expecting to generate more online advertising revenue together than they could apart. In the process, Microsoft lost its long effort to partner its MSN Internet service with AOL.

Google is the most ubiquitous presence on the Internet, and its threat to high-tech giants such as Microsoft is very real indeed.

But built into this dominance is a dilemma: Google’s very success opens it up to new criticism. Google’s growth prospects are vast, but in the ever-changing realm of high-tech, one lesson is that monopolistic power is rarely as real or permanent as it may seem. <Full story from the Christian Science Monitor>

Google to Sell Cheap PCs?

Google may start selling cheap PCs through Wal-Mart. One way they plan to make them so cheap is that they won’t be running Windows! Here’s an interesting article from Marketing Shift.