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Google’s Sandbox

There’s a phenomenon with Google that’s termed the Sandbox, which is a place where Google sends brand new web sites to play nicely for awhile before allowing them to mingle with the other sites in their rankings. One of the earliest descriptions is from about a year ago in Web Pro News.

What this means is that our initial Keyword Status Report, which we run about two months after submitting a newly optimized site to the search engines, may show disappointing results for brand new sites in Google, AOL, Netscape and some other search engines. Sites that may be newly optimized but which have existed on the Web for some time may not be affected.

We’ve seen sites that caused us some consternation on the initial Keyword Status Report until we checked them again in another couple of months to find that they’d nicely popped up onto the first page in Google.

The moral of the story
If you have a brand new web site, you may need a little something more than good optimization and link building: