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Google’s Supplemental Index

A couple of years ago, Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch noted that in the competition for who had the largest index of web sites, Google had a new feature called the “supplemental index”. This supplemental index contains many pages from sites that will never see the light of day during a typical search. These pages are found only when the search is so unusual or narrow that only pages from the supplemental index seem to be a match for the query. Since the “Big Daddy” update began in November 2005, many web masters are finding that more and more of their pages are being relegated to the supplemental index.

As SEO Jim Boykin of explains on his blog, these sites often have duplicate content taken from others, no real content such as fake “directory” sites that create a million virtually generic pages, or  “orphaned pages” which are those page that are not linked to from the rest of the website in question or linked to from other sites on the web.

Quite often “turn key” web sites like those in the real estate, nutrition, work from home, or other industries that rely heavily on duplicated cookie-cutter web sites have always had a difficult time obtaining rankings — but substantially moreso with this recent Google update.

It seems the lack of actual unique content really hurts these sites when competing with sites that have original, unique content and numerous relevant inbound links.

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