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Greatest SEO Mistake?

Greatest SEO MistakeOne of the biggest mistakes made by people working on SEO is forgetting the focus of the website. That focus needs to always be on the human end user, and never on the search engines.

Creating web pages specifically for the search engine spiders may garner good rankings,  but if that results in people finding your page and leaving immediately in disgust, it does your business no good whatsoever.

Content stuffed with keywords, too many heading tags, title tags that are no more than a list of keywords at the expense of informative or marketing copy that makes sense is counterproductive.

As Rebecca Appleton says in her article for Search Marketing Standard, “Lavishing those likely to buy from you with care, attention and unique content is wholly more profitable than trying to please a search platform. After all, a number one ranking won’t pay the bills. Happy clients will.”

How you do that is addressed somewhat in her article. I recommend it.

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