Search engine optimization for small and very small businesses.

Helpful Link Building Resources

Link popularity — the number and quality of other websites that link to yours — is an important factor in search engine rankings, especially in Google. But few of us have the patience to sit and wait for others to link to us. So we have to resort to active link building.

Neil Patel’s blog posted a list of helpful link building resources. Some that struck me right off the bat were

  • A list of resources to help you beuild incoming links better and faster.Top 9 Ways to be a Link Magnet
  • How to Use Blog Commenting to Get Backlinks
  • Tips for Small Businesses
  • Linkbait Failure – Not Understanding the Need for Instant Gratification
  • 24 Advanced Inbound Link Strategies
  • 4 Kinds of Prospecting Phrases for Link Building Queries
  • Fundamentals of Getting Big Links from Big Media Sites

You may find some that strike a chord with your needs. Check out Neil’s list of link building resources here.

[Update November, 2020] Engine Scout, an Australian digital marketing company, has written an excellent article on building authoritative inbound links through HARO (which stands for Help A Reporter Out), a platform for journalists and bloggers to solicit information” from experts in their field. And whatever business you run, surely you are’n expert in that field. Check it out and consider adding it as a valuable tool for improving your link profile.

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