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How Good Is Your Blog?

Your blog is a powerful inbound marketing tool.Hubspot’s companion to their Website Grader is Blog Grader. Like Website Grader, it gives you a percentage grade and then breaks down your analysis by components such as these:

  • a comparative rank (against all the blogs they’ve analyzed
  • estimated traffic rank
  • SEO link authority
  • where your blog is hosted
  • subscribability (how easy it is for people to subscribe to your blog)
  • analysis of individual posts
    • title tags
    • meta description tags
    • posting frequency
    • post length (word count)
    • links per post
    • images per post

Blog Grader makes suggestions about all of these things to help you improve your blog. If you blog, I recommend you get your blog graded.

  1. so do you have some tools to check website value?

  2. Sure! On the first line of our post we link to the companion tool, Website Grader. I recommend it; if you get a disappointing score it provides information to help you improve.

  3. Blog Grader seems to be a good software. I would like to use it. Hope it will work best for my blog.

  4. The onsite web grader stuff is very helpful when you are just getting started. Many people, even today in 2011, are really baffled by onsite seo (yes, still). However, after you are past that point, it is backlinks that are the big differentiation in your rankings. To me, there needs to be a second wave of web grader that is mostly focused on your backlinks for those who already have their title tags all sorted out…

  5. I agree! I would love to see more on backlinks.

  6. I could not agree more with blog grader, great product..

  7. Nice post, Bill. I have always liked to compare my blog with my competitors so Web Grader should be very helpful in this regard. Its analysis, too, feels like having your very own SEO consultant. Sweet!

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