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How Online Video Marketing Complements SEO

It takes two essential things for your web site to pay off in more sales. You need SEO to bring lots of potential customers to your site, but then you need a dynamic and compelling web site to convert those visitors into paying customers. One very effective way to improve your web site’s conversion rate is through online video marketing.

A professional video on your web site can boost your conversions by catching your visitors’ attention and illustrating what makes you special. But it can also help your search engine rankings through its presence on video sharing sites like YourTube. Those placements can bring visitors directly to your site, but the links they contain also improve your link popularity. See a great video done by SiteFire Video for one of our clients.

SiteFire Video is a new Rank Magic client, and they have an excellent video of their own to display the power of what they do. Take a look:

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