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How to Survive Future Google Updates

If you want your website to survive future Google updates without painful swings in your ranking, it’s important to understand what Google is trying to do. Google wants to present high quality web sites that are interesting and valuable to web surfers in its search results. Whenever Google updates the ranking algorithm, they try to give those sites more relevancy.

If you want to survive future Google updates, you have to make sure your web site has certain characteristics.

Your web site should have a certain age

The older a website is, the less wildly it will fluctuate with each algorithm change. If your website has been around awhile then search engines know you’ll probably still be around tomorrow.

Your web site should have good content

Search engines want to redirect web surfers to web sites that provide useful information. The more content your website has, the higher you’ll rank. It’s tougher to get good search engine rankings with a website that has only a few pages.

Links from other sites are still important

The more websites that link to you, the higher your link popularity, and that’s a critical part of your ranking in Google. Links from sites that are related to your topics carry more weight than links from non-related web sites.

Consider why the link popularity principle was devised: another website thinks your site is a great resource and so they link to you. If you get links like that, you’ll get solid search engine rankings. See our article on how to improve your site’s link popularity.

Make sure your web site is search engine friendly, and easy for them to index

Many websites have great content but it is nearly impossible for search engines to index them. If you want high search engine rankings, you should make it as easy as possible for search engines to index your site. As a start, see our article on 5 critical mistakes that can make your site invisible to the search engines.

We can expect many more ranking algorithm updates from Google and the other search engines. If you prepare your web pages as described above, you don’t have to be afraid of upcoming changes.

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