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Is Bing Penalizing You for Not Being Mobile Friendly?

Mobile online access and use has passed desktop use.Mobile phone use is exploding

More people now use mobile phones than desktop computers. The dramatic increase in use of mobile devices requires you to control the user experience of your website on phones as well as on computers.

Your search rankings may be affected

Google implemented its ranking penalty for non-mobile friendly sites last April. Since then, Bing has started showing mobile friendly labels in its search results and has started to roll out its own ranking penalty for sites that aren’t mobile friendly.

Bing is paying so much attention to this that they’ve developed a quick web app that will tell you whether Bing considers your web site (or a specific web page) is mobile friendly. Just copy and paste your URL into their tool here. Just for good measure, you might want to test your pages at Google as well.

If your website fails Bing’s test (or Google’s), you need to fix that now. That’s especially important if you’re a local business, but more about that another time.

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