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June 2010 U.S. Search Engine Rankings

GoogleGoogle Sites led the U.S. core search market in June with 62.6 percent of the searches conducted, followed by Yahoo! Sites (up 0.6 percentage points to 18.9 percent), and Microsoft Sites (up 0.6 percentage points to 12.7 percent).

Both Yahoo! Sites and Microsoft Sites have experienced gains due in part to the continued utilization of contextual search approaches that tie content and related search results together. For more detail on contextual searches, please read this post on the comScore Voices blog.

Ask Network captured 3.6 percent of the search market, followed by AOL LLC with 2.2 percent. More from comScore here.

At Rank Magic, we’re changing our keyword ranking reports to focus on Google, Yahoo! and Bing alone. We’ve found that including other search engines tends to confuse our clients, and since the three top search engines account for more than 94% of all searches it makes little sense to worry about tracking the others.

  1. Random question: I am starting my own blog to share my best experiences. Do you realize its hard or easy to share consistently?

    • Easy or hard is a personal matter. If you have something meaningful to say, that makes it easier. (You should never blog just to put something out.) Next, how comfortable are you with writing? It comes naturally to some of us, but for some of us it’s a chore and we have trouble with grammar and style. Also, it helps a lot of the language you blog in is your native tongue. Unless you’re very fluent linguistically, writing in a second language is likely to sound awkward and unnatural. In such cases, you should engage a good proofreader or editor whose native language is the language of your blog.

      Thanks for writing. If I haven’t addressed your question adequately, please let me know.

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