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Bill Hartzer’s Search Engine Tip #3 – Keywords In Your Content

Keywords are the key to SEOBill Hartzer has an excellent blog on search engine optimization (SEO), andhe’s started a series of search engine tips that I think you’ll find very valuable. Last month I wrote about his second tip, relating to the Meta Description Tag.

This month the focus is on using keywords in the text content of your site. It may sound obvious, but as Bill points out, a surprising number of web pages fail to use their keyword phrases more than once in their page content. Some don’t use them at all.

Bill suggests, “In an ideal situation, before the web page’s copy is written, the keyword or keyword phrase is given to the copywriter. And the copywriter uses that keyword or keyword phrase several times on the page.” I recommend Bill’s article on using keywords in your copy. Check it out.

The Importance of Keywords

Many SEO consultants simply ask a client what keywords they want to be optimized for, and then optimize for those keywords. At Rank Magic, the first thing we do is take those keyword suggestions from the client and do research to reveal all the relatedkeywords searched over the past year, and identify the ones that will provide the best return on investment. has an excellent keyword research tutorial on the importance of selecting the right keywords, with good information on how to identify them and what to do with them once you know what they are. He has some suggestions of keyword research tools, too.<Check it out!>

There’s More to Keyword Strategy Than the Long Tail

Choosing which keywords you want to chase in your SEO strategy can be a challenging task. Go after terms that are too competitive, and you might not get there in time, or at all. Go after terms that are easier to rank high for, and you’re likely to get there much faster, but at what cost?

Helping clients choose the best keywords to optimize may be the hardest part of what we do at Rank Magic. In his recent column, “There’s More to Keyword Strategy Than the Long Tail,” Eric Enge suggests adopting a keyword strategy patterned after an NFL quarterback, with lots of options for short, medium, and long passing routes.

Don’t Destroy Your Copy For the Sake of Keyword Density

One of the worst things to ever happen to web sites was the discovery of keyword density. According to copywriting expert Karon Thackton, “the mere introduction of this concept led to the mutilation and destruction of innocent copy all across the globe. Without any regard to flow or customer experience, website owners around the world began shoving keyphrases into their copy like wild men. The results have been disastrous! Otherwise wonderful content has been utterly destroyed.”

One common mistake Karon  points out is that many web site owners replace every single instance of a generic key term with one of their chosen keyword phrases. In moderation, that’s OK, but often they get carried away with tragic results.

Here’s an example Karon cites:

Spanish Villas For Rent

If you are looking for Spanish villas vacations, search our site for the best deals in Spanish villas. No other Spanish villas site has the selection of premium Spanish villas with the most sought after locations that we have. View some of our Spanish villas pictures or take virtual tours of our Spanish villas today.

Looks like they want to get rankings for “Spanish villas”. But copy like that will drive actual humans away immediately! Top rankings in all the search engines do you no good at all if your web site turns people off and nobody buys from you. Writing interesting and compelling copy for your potential customer is far more important than slightly higher search engine rankings.

Karon’s full article has some terrific concrete tips on how to include keywords without destroying your copy.