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Link Building With Google Alerts

Here’s an idea to build quality one-way links to your site. It’s a bit labor-intensive, but can be well worth the trouble — especially if you have an assistant or intern who can be tasked with this effort.

Sign up for Google Alerts and enter keywords you want to promote. For example, you might sign up for “Brooklyn eye doctor”. Whenever those keyword phrases pop up, Google sends you an email with a link to where the phrase was used. Lots of times your term will appear in a blog or on a social networking site like LinkedIn or Facebook or other social sites like those discussed in our April 13 post below.. Often someone may be asking questions about the topic that you can reply to — and include a link to content on your web site in the process.

The point here is to get your site included in the mix of online discussions of the topics you care about. Prospects will follow those links and your search engine rankings may well improve at the same time.

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