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Link Building Strategy

A link from a web site that’s related to yours may count more heavily in your favor than a link from a more popular site that’s not related.


When selecting sites to request links from, don’t pick them just based on the traffic they get or how popular they are. Pick them based on their “content match” to your site.

Link Text

A piece of advice from the Search Engine Strategies Conference in NYC earlier this month: Don’t request a link for the PageRank benefit: concentrate on the anchor Text.

What that means is this. Very often people request links from pages with high Google PageRank because that link will share a portion of that PageRank score with the page it links to. That’s not nearly as important as making sure you have an important keyword in the “anchor text”. Anchor text is the text that’s actually part of the link. On this page, for example, anchor text is blue and underlined.

A link with a keyword in the anchor text is far better than a link that says something like That link might pass along a little bit of PageRank to the target page, but a link like East Hanover Restaurants does far more – it passes keyword relevance along as well.

Where you rank in any search engine is essentially a function of two variables, relevance and reputation. Relevance has to do with how relevant your page is for the keyword being searched. This is what classic SEO addresses: on-page keyword relevance. The other variable is reputation, which search engines essentially measure by your link popularity. A link with a keyword in the anchor text helps on both accounts.


Don’t request a link just for the PageRank benefit. Concentrate on keywords in the anchor text.