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Local Search Is Important

A recent survey by ComScore found that 47% of people doing a local search on the Internet visited a local merchant as a result of their search while 41% made contact offline. More than a third (37%) made contact online as the result of a local search.

Obviously it pays to show up in local search, especially Yahoo! Local, Google Local, and MSN/Live Local unless you don’t have a local component to your business.
You can add your business to Google Local here. And you can add your business to Yahoo! Local here. MSN/Live local results come from yellow page listings or you can add your listing here.
Some More Statistics
  • 63% of US Internet users (~109 million people) performed a local search in July 2006.
  • 36% of those searches were in Google, followed by Yahoo! (29%) and MSN/Live (12%)
  • Almost 60% of local searchers were looking for a restaurant or something entertainment related like a movie or sightseeing attraction.
  • 52% were specifically searching for a business phone number or address.
  • 41% were looking for information on a local service in their neighborhood like a dry cleaner, pharmacy or car rental.

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