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More Bad News on Yahoo Site Builder

Problems with Yahoo Site BuilderWe wrote in April about problems with sites created with Yahoo Site Builder: some important SEO techniques couldn’t be applied. Now there’s more.

When we optimize images on a page, there are three opportunities to employ keywords: in the file name, in the alternate text, and in a title attribute. The title attribute shows up in a small text box when you hover the mouse cursor over an image that has one.

A client of ours found themselves unable to create these title attributes, so they called Yahoo Site Builder for help. The person they spoke with didn’t know what title attributes are, so my client asked me to intervene and ask the Yahoo people about it because we could speak the same language. I submitted a help request, and got the following response:

We’re sorry, the feature you are mentioning is not currently available through Yahoo! SiteBuilder and we do not have an estimated date as to when or if it will be available. However, we’ll pass your comments on to our Development team for further consideration.As you Yahoo! Site Builder uses alternate text (alt tags) on images.

Once again, we must conclude that Yahoo Site Builder is not prepared to allow full search engine optimization.

  1. Yeah, Yahoo! seems a bit confused about image alt text in their Site Builder. In their help, at:

    They say: “Alt text is the text your site visitors will see when an image is loading or when they move their cursor over an image.”

    So maybe they don’t support the title text because they think that’s what the alt text is for!

  2. You may well be right, Doll. And Yahoo’s half wrong. We often apply both alt tags and title attributes to images. I just confirmed that without a title attribute no text appears when hovering the mouse over the image in Firefox, but the alt text will appear in Internet Explorer. With a title attribute in place, that’s what shows up when you hover in both Firefox and IE.

  3. Site builder’s communication is abismal. And they refused for ages to cancel my subscription. I had to take legal action against them.

  4. It’s looking like title attributes on images are not currently helpful for on-page keyword placement, at least as far as Google is concerned. They are still very beneficial on links, to clarify where the link will take the user if they click on it.

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