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Multiple One-Page Web Sites

One-page cookie-cutter web sites are a bad idea.We get asked about this on a regular basis: Shouldn’t I get multiple domain names for the different parts of my business and create a bunch of one-page web sites with discrete content, all linking to the main web site? Surprisingly to most people who ask this, it’s a very bad idea.

You can do it, but don’t expect to get improved rankings or traffic from this approach. Creating multiple cookie-cutter web sites is a trick the search engines have been wise to for years. Those little, single-purpose web sites will seldom if ever develop the link popularity necessary for them to be truly competitive for high rankings in the search engines. The only benefit is if for some reason you think people are typing those domains into their browser address bar.

It’s almost always better to have all that unique content in separate pages on your main website and skip the little “doorway” web sites. (Similar doorway pages got the German-language web site for BMW totally banned from Google for more than six months a couple of years ago.)

This is a black hat SEO trick that’s not going to get you better SERP visibility.

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