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Nearly 90% Don’t Pay Attention to PPC Ads

Most searchers ignore pay per click ads.A recent report from Advertising Age revealed some surprising facts. A few that really jumped out at me are below. You can read the entire report in PDF format here.

  • As much as 88.5% of the time people don’t pay attention to pay-per-click (PPC) ads, which means that they get just 11.5% of clicks from searches. That means that visibility in “organic”, or natural, search results is more important than ever.
  • There’s a big shift focus by marketers away from outbound marketing (print and direct mail) to inbound marketing (links and search engines) based on the fact that the budget spend on inbound tactics has been growing. Advertising Age reports a 16% shift in spending from direct mail to search engine marketing and a 20% shift from print advertising to search marketing.
  • Guess how many searches are performed in the US each second. … It’s 2,500. In the month of August last year, the number of searches performed in the US was 9.82 billion.
  • Gone are the days of single word searches (“vacations” or “movies” or even “Britney”).  Of all searches, about 31% contain 4 or more words, while about 33% searches involve unique and long search phrases.

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