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Nigerian Scam: New Wrinkle

You may be familiar with the Nigetian scam: Someone from a sub-Saharan African country send you an email claiming to be a surviving family member of some high ranking family, who has millions of dollars to transfer to a US bank in order to save it from confiscation by the new military government. For a percentage of those millions, he needs you to set up a bank account to receive the money, and pay several thousand dollars of “good faith money”.

Well, it’s not just an email scam anymore. This week I received a priority mail letter (through the actual Post Office) from the Netherlands. It was personally addressed to me, and was a classic Nigerian scam. There was no return address; just a yahoo email address to contact the person if I was greedy enough to fall for the pitch.

I found it rather amusing, but the fact that they’re still doing this means there are still people falling for the con game. You can learn more about it here.


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