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Optimizing PDF Files for Search

Often web sites have large chunks of valuable content in Adobe PDF files. Search engines have gotten much better at indexing those PDF files, but if you want to be sure people can find them, there are a few things you need to do. Here are 11 tips for optimizing your PDF files for the search engines.

1. Make sure your PDFs are text based.
2. Complete the document properties in Acrobat.
3. Optimize the copy.
4. Build links into your PDFs.
5. Pay attention to the version. Use PDF Version 1.6 (Acrobat 7) or lower for now, since not all search   engines are ready for some things in documents created in Acrobat 8.
6. Optimize the file size for search with the PDF Optimizer in Acrobat.
7. Don’t place your PDF files too deep in your site structure.
8. Influence the descriptions search engines display by having a keyword rich sentence near the beginning of your PDF.
9. Specify the reading order in Acrobat.
10. Tag your PDFs in Acrobat.
11. Pay attention. If you change your PDF to be sure other stuff (tags, reading order, etc.) don’t get changed automatically back to their defaults before you re-post it to your web site.

For complete treatment of these 11 steps, read the full article in Search Engine Land.

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