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Put Blog on Different IP Address?

People have been asking lately if they should put their blog on a different IP address from their main web site, which would entail the blog having a different domain name from the main web site. Presumably the reason they’d want to do that is in the hopes of links back to their web site counting more heavily if the search engines think the blog is really unrelated to the web site.

Whether links from external web sites count more than internal links within your own web site has been a source of confusion, but in fact, all links count. There’s no reason to worry about different domain names unless you’re trying to fool people (or the search engines). From an SEO perspective, trying to fool search engines is a very, very bad practice.

Most companies include their blog as part of their own web site — as we do here at Rank Magic. In our case, the blog is Another approach, equally valid, would be to set up a subdomain so the blog would be at Either way is fine for both your visitors and the search engines.

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  1. Not only that, but a blog hosted on your website domain attracts many inbound links of its own, from blog directories, sites that may repost your blog via RSS, and from people who share your blog posts on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

    All those links will accrue to the link popularity of your website if your blog is hosted at the same domain. You don’t get that benefit if your blog is hosted on another domain or at or

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