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Realistic SEO Expectations

Setting SEO ExpectationsJill Whalen recently wrote an article on setting realistic SEO expectations. Here are a few excerpts.

Those who’ve been in the SEO biz for a number of years know how much more competitive it is these days compared to a few years ago. The number of web pages indexed by search engines has doubled, tripled, and quadrupled in past years. On top of that, a good portion of site owners and webmasters know just enough SEO to be dangerous.Those were the days when anyone who knew even the slightest bit about SEO could easily rank highly in all the major search engines, with very little effort.

These days, it’s almost the exact opposite. Even keyword phrases that nobody’s searching for can sometimes be difficult to obtain high rankings with unless you really and truly know what you’re doing.

Beware of SEO Companies Who Will Tell You What You Want to Hear

And remember, there are plenty of SEO companies that will say they can do whatever you want them to do. You want to be #1 for “spring”? Sure, no problem. They will happily take your money, do some work, and promptly get no results. Don’t blame them though – they were just telling you what you wanted to hear.

This is a terrific article. I recommend you read the whole thing … <here>

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