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Reputation Management

A new mini-industry has sprung up to protect or repair the reputations of companies and individuals online. A client of ours was recently featured on national TV and was the subject of a high level of searches on her name. Prominently displayed in these search results were some unfair and untrue rantings of a disgruntled individual. How to minimize the impact?

In this case, simply showing that the rant was untrue resulted in it’s being removed. But far too often people and companies find such negative material on the web totally intractable. Enter the reputation management companies, who employ numerous techniques, many of the quasi-SEO techniques, to minimize the visibility of the bad press. Jordan Glogau explains in a recent article explains the kinds of reputation problems that are frequently encountered, and outlines what’s necessary to correct them. He works for Internet Reputation Management.

There’s a resource site for the subject you may find of value at, and Internet Reputation Management has a good article entitled Ten Easy Steps to a Positive Internet Reputation.

I hope you never need it.

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