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Sandbox Behavior Found in All Major Search Engines

SEO News has recently done a test to see how or whether the major search engines delay indexing and listing new web sites for a period of time. Google has been known to do this, and that behavior has been unofficially termed “the Google Sandbox”.

SEO News reports discovering that all engines seem to delay indexing (including in their results) of new domain names for at least thirty days. Google so far has delayed indexing their new test web site for at least 60 days since first crawling it (the site is still not indexed). AskJeeves has crawled thousands of pages, while indexing none of them. MSN indexes faster than all engines but requires a robots.txt file (more on this soon!). Yahoo‘s spider crawls on again off again for 60 days, but indexes only six of total 15,000 or more pages crawled to date. You’ll find their full story here.

This may be of concern to owners of brand new web sites, but take heart! A client of ours, a wedding celebrant in the NYC/NJ area, got a call from someone who found her in a search engine within two weeks of when we launched her web site and submitted it to the search engines!

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