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Search is Not Enough

Search engine visibility is not enough.Marketing has grown very sophisticated, and search marketing, both paid search and organic SEO, should be only one component of your marketing plan. William Flaiz of Search Engine Watch describes the “marketing funnel” which leads consumers from awareness of a product or service through buying that product or service to the desired end result of loyalty to brand loyalty.

Attraction is the sweet spot of search marketing. Whether organic SEO like we do at Rank Magic or paid search, getting people to your web site is what search is all about.Optimize
Once we’ve gotten strong listings in the search engines, users had better find what they’re looking for on the page we sent them to.

Once we’ve gotten people to your site and they’ve either completed a transaction or taken whatever action you want them to, you need to analyze your data, whether from site logs or other analytical tools.

It’s cheaper to keep a customer than acquire a new one.

Search is Only the Beginning
Gone are the days of thinking that all you need to do is to drive customers to your web site. Examine the entire marketing funnel, not just the search component, to maximize your marketing dollars.

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