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See Your Site As Google Does

Googlebot View of your Web SiteIt can be very revealing to see a page on your web site the way Google does. Google’s spider, Googlebot, doesn’t see your page the same way you or anyone else sees it. Graphical text is incomprehensible to it, as an example. Google Webmaster Tools now has a helpful tool called Fetch As Googlebot, that lets you see your web page as Google sees it.

The result is a bit geeky and shows your code as well as your normal text content, but it can help you figure out why your page doesn’t rank for an important keyword. You’ll need to log in to Google Webmaster Tools and claim your web site (if you haven’t already done that). Then on the left, click on Labs and then Fetch As Googlebot. It takes several minutes for Google to get you back the results, but it can be worth the wait.

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